Teams in the World Cup

The 13th edition of the World Netball Championship was held in the country of Singapore in the year 2011 in which 16 nations were selected to participate and compete for the title. All the matches were held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium that had two adjacent courts that had a seating capacity of around 80000.  The matches were refereed from seventeen different umpires from seven countries and later on brought about an addition of two more umpires. The contest that lasted almost for a week was started with 16 nations from the world from which 19 moved to the world championship and among them all only 8 qualified for the quarterfinals.

Among the eight nations to qualify for the quarter-finals was Northern Ireland, who made their first appearance in the World Championship finals stages. New Zealand advanced to the gold medal playoff by defeating South Africa and England, while Australia joined their Antipodean rivals after victories over Malawi and Jamaica. The title was finally bagged by Australia when it finally defeated New Zealand when it finally bagged its 10th title in all. The silver was hence claimed by New Zealand and it was England that got the bronze medal. All the international rules of Netball game are formulated and regulated by IFNA

2011 tournament comprised of 48 matches played for 8 days from 3 to 10 July. Sixteen participating teams were divided initially in 4 pools of 4 teams. During preliminary pool stage, the teams in every pool played for each other once. In each pool match, 2 points were rewarded to the winning team, whereas no points are actually given to the losing team. At an end of preliminary matches, 2 teams with highest amount of the points in every pool progressed to finals, finally contesting 1st to 8th final placings. Remaining 2 teams from every pool entered the classification matches that determined 9th to 16th final placings. Around 8 teams contested finals matches, and all playing quarter final & 1 semi final. Four teams who won the quarter finals contested medal matches. Of 4 teams, 2 semi final winners advanced to gold medal match, whereas other 2 teams played for the bronze. Medal matches were been scheduled for last day of tournament, at 10 July.