The tournament was held during July 3, 2011 to July 11, 2011 in which there were 48 matches played in all. Singapore as a host nation was decided in the year 2007 at IFNA Congress in Auckland which is a very prestigious international association for the game of Netball. It was organized by the IFNA that is an abbreviation of International Federation for Netball Association. The title was finally bagged by Australia when it finally defeated New Zealand when it finally bagged its 10th title in all. The silver was hence claimed by New Zealand and it was England that got the bronze medal.

The contest that lasted almost for a week was started with 16 nations from the world from which 19 moved to the world championship and among them all only 8 qualified for the quarterfinals. All the matches were held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium that had two adjacent courts that had a seating capacity of around 80000.  The matches were refereed from seventeen different umpires from seven countries and later on brought about an addition of two more umpires.

Netball Singapore may sponsor national or advanced level coach full member country as at a beginning of the November 2007 (date of last Congress). The seminar is extended to the additional fifty coaches on the first come served basis. Can you publicize it to your members. Singapore, Malaysia & Sri Lanka have actually qualified from the Asia and can compete with other thirty teams from all over the world in Singapore Indoor Stadium 3 – 10 2011. Thus Asian fans, get together & show your support for the teams. In around year’s time, the fans all over Asia will look forward to World Netball Championships at Singapore.

Featuring likes of the World Champion New Zealand, Australia, England, Jamaica, and many more top netball nations, WNC 2011 is most prestigious event of netball in the whole world.  Among eight nations to qualify for quarter finals was the Northern Ireland that made their appearance in World Championship finals rounds. New Zealand also advanced to gold medal playoff just by defeating England and South Africa, whereas Australia joined the Antipodean rivals after the victories over Jamaica and Malawi.