Eating in Singapore: Best Restaurants

Singapore is a world leader in several areas: It is the world’s fourth-leadingĀ financial centre, the world’s second-biggest casino gambling market, and the world’s third-largest oil refining centre.The country is also a popular tourist destination as you will find a lot of people from all across the world travelling to Singapore to have a time of their life. The night life and the club life are equally famous and so are the places of scenic natural beauty. The hotels in Singapore are all lavishly decorated and arranged to meet every requirement especially that of the international guests who come from places far and wide away for either business reasons or for personal pleasure.

Singapore is a culturally rich destination and has a lot to offer to everyone. When it comes to food, the restaurants in Singapore have no match. You will find both national and international food prepared here with the same love and interest and food lovers surely have a great time here trying out the new delicacies. Singapore offers many national and international cuisines to its guests who are on a leisure trip or professional reasons but still make sure that the food gives them a chance to appreciate the culture of Singapore.

Singapore is loved for the range of ethnic foods that are available. There are Indian, Chinese, to French, Malay to Italian food. It can be the small country but choices of food available are the eye opener for the first timers in Singapore. Here you will find guides and information on the Singapore food, comprises of coffee shop, buffets, restaurants, hawker centers, & supper place. The best things to be in Singapore is the food. It is not any secret that the Singaporeans drink and eat with complete passion. For newcomer, knowing where & what to eat is the intimidating, still at a same time, the exciting experience. The cuisine of Singapore has influenced for decades.

The foreigners who are visiting Singapore have to try some of the local delicacies. Some Singapore delicacies are Roti Prata (Indian “bread”), Satay (by Malays, but sold by Chinese), Hokkien Noodles (seafood noodle), Fried Kway Tiao (the black noodles with cockles), Hainanese Chicken Rice, as well as local desserts such as Chendol (the coconut based dessert), Ice Kachang (ice with ingredients of red bean & jelly), Grass Jelly (refreshing jelly, which cools down on hot day) as well as Tao Suan (bean with paste and topped by the fried dough).